Panthera Africa a haven for the Big Cats of South Africa

Panthera Africa a haven for the Big Cats of South Africa

Their message “The more you are blessed with experience, the fuller and more enriched you are in life.” across to all the visitors both local and international. The assistants and volunteers also clearly share Lizaene and Catherine ambitions to rehabilitate these amazing wild cats.

The cats that currently reside at the Sanctuary all have their own sad stories as they are all captive bred cats that have lived their entire lives in captivity. This truly tugs at your heart strings and leaves you wondering how mankind can do such terrible things to such magnificent mammals.

The up side to all of this abuse is that Lizaene, Catherine and their team have made it their mission to make a difference to not only the cats they currently have but also aspire to expand and hopefully in the not too distant future also bring hope and homes to many more Big Cats at their amazing Sanctuary. Their main aim is to become the first Eco and green Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa and to give these cats a protected environment where they can prosper for the rest of their lives.

At the Sanctuary they do not allow visitors to pet the animals as they explained to us “How would you like to be patted on the head a hundred times daily” … and we agree. Their belief is in their enrichment program where the cats can play, roam and live the lives they have not had the privilege of living.We were truly touched by the fantastic efforts and enthusiasm shown and would encourage both young and old to support and visit this wonderful initiative.


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